Photography made me understand what some things mean. I thought photography was just taking pictures but it's not, it's something more."    Fatima 6th
  "Photography is important to me because my feelings can turn into art. That is something I thought could never happen. Photography, to me, is both a door and a key. It opens up my mind and lets me through to express my feelings."    Christine 6th
  "I want to take a picture of the ranch that my mom and my relatives grew up on in Mexico. I won't be able to visit and it may change. If I could take that picture, it would remind me of that time."    Xochilt 5th
  "In art is a world of possibilities. If you look closely, you can find a piece of magnificent beauty."    Octavio 6th
  "When I came to photography class, it opened my I see the world better."    Leslie 8th
  "Photography, to me, is beautiful, amazing and fun. Photography can show when I'm happy, sad, scared, mad or nervous. I can communicate with my pictures and open people's eyes about what is happening in the world."    Hailey 6th
  "Photography means a lot to me. It has inspired me to look at pictures in a different way. Photography is really important because it makes me feel like I'm in a whole different world. Every photograph is beautiful."    David 6th
  "My main inspiration is when I think about the night. I like to see a city when it is night, from a high place."    Tierra 7th
  "I'm trying to make people observe how art and nature are in my world and what I see in my daily life."    Elizabeth 7th
  When I'm in my world of color, inspiration comes and takes over."    Samantha   6th
  "Mostly, my pictures can tell how random things are. "             Jessica 7th
  "Photography is an important part of my life, helping me through a lot of tough times. When I feel bad or sad, I look through fun pictures and old memories to make me feel better. I like photography because it allows me to express my emotions without words. It also allows other people to see the way I think. I want the viewer to look at my photographs the way I see my work. To me, photography is about capturing beautiful moments and the way I express myself. Photography is often misunderstood. Someone can look at a picture and say it isn't worth anything but others cherish it, to remember things they don't want to forget. Photography is a part of my life I never want to lose."     Ty-Yhanna 6th
  having another eye    going to the other side    blasting off to another universe    discovering different worlds    Jasmin 5th
  You can create something no one else has ever thought of. It's a life you can see if you search for the unknown. It can change you life has changed my life."   Suzy 8th
  "Every detail counts when taking a photograph.  Those details determine perspective."               Suzette   8th
  "Photography made me understand what some things mean.  I thought photography was just taking pictures but it's not, it's something more."      Fatima     6th
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